For the observance of the rule UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, all the companies are obliged to assure the maintenance, calibration and periodical check for the own instrumentation.
With the experience and competence of measuring instruments manufacturer, we offer our assistance as Your partner. We instruct your Technicians with Metrology masters, we repair, check and issue the calibration certificates with reference to setting gauges calibrated from qualified laboratories members of EA and signatory of the multilateral agreement.
As warranty of the declared uncertainty, capacity of our Technicians, validity of used procedures and reference of measurements, our calibration laboratory (LAT Center Nr. 136) meet the requisitions of UNI CEI EN/IEC 17025 Rule and it is recognized to issueCalibration Certificates following what indicated in the accreditation table.

The environmental characteristics of the Metrology Laboratory are maintained and controlled within the following parameters:

  • Temperature: 20° ± 0,5° C
  • Thermal gradient: <1 ° C within two hours
  • Relative Humidity: 50% ± 5%

Table accreditation

DNV certificate

SIT certificate