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The gauges caliper and digital gauges are, among metrology tools, the most versatile and easy to use because they allow to detect in precise and millimetric measurements of an object, or to detect accurately the correspondence to the parameters of production through the evaluation of the "pass or fail".

The contexts of greatest use are those of the mechanical and construction industry. The gauges can be gauges fixed ( gauges buffer, gauges ring, etc.), Gauges verniergauges professional digitalThe gauges fixed need for accurate and professional control of any element of industrial production and are based on the evaluation of the "pass/fail." The other types of caliber are used instead for the relief of the external dimensions, internal and depth of an object ( depth gauges ).

Calipers and digital calipers Bocchi

The supply of gauges of Bocchi Srl is wide and meets the needs of different types of productions, from pocket gauges to gauges industrial. The quality of the materials guarantees their use in difficult conditions, in the presence of high temperatures and chemical reagents.

The gauges vernier are made of stainless steel, with monobloc calipers and locking system screw or push button can be provided with a high precision clock for more accurate measurements.

Among the special gauges fall within the gauges for the specific quality control, such as the gauge for the measurement of gear teeth or the one for control of welding.

Bocchi The supply also includes the latest digital gauges, supplied with a display for precise detection and immediate measures. The gauges of high technology Sylvac are equipped with several features, including the immediate conversion of the measures mm / inch or reset at any point or, still, the output for direct connection to the PC.