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The calibration of measuring instruments is an essential step for the verification of manual and digital tools. In fact, in order to carry out their function correctly, that is the relief of measurements, they must be calibrated on values established by international conventions and research centers.




The features of professional measuring instruments are precision, reliability, and resistance.
Each instrument must undergo calibration and calibration.
The calibration defines the metrological characteristics of an instrument.
Calibrate an instrument, however, it is to put in place actions to improve the accuracy.

The importance of the measures and the correspondence to the established parameters of production must be verified through tools, whose reliability is determined by the use of effective technologies and methodologies.
Bocchi is able to provide for their own tools and those owned by the customer, the calibration certificate, attesting to their compliance.
The accuracy of an instrument is essential to establish and ensure the quality of production.
In fact, the tool allows you to verify compliance with certain measurable parameters, compared to a predefined standard.
Compliance with the standard guarantees a qualitatively valid production.
Bocchi S.r.l. guarantees full compliance with Italian and international regulations regarding the characteristics and calibration of instruments, through the use of samples and references from accredited laboratories and research centers.

What is Accreditation?

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