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Measuring instruments and services

The Bocchi S.r.l. manufactures and distributes measuring instruments dedicated to metrology dustriale of various kinds: gauges, levels, control lines, squares, compasses plotters, but also high-tech devices such as durometers, surface roughness, and profile projectors. The company represents a point of reference for the control of measuring equipment, even when they are not of company production, and for the calibration and revision of the instruments. All products are made in compliance with current legislation and the catalog also contains the most technologically innovative devices, to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. The staff is highly qualified and trained to respond to any request and provide full assistance both in the choice of measuring instruments, both in the operational phase, allowing optimal use of the instrument.
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Our operators are able to offer advantageous personalized assistance and solutions, with the best value for money.
After listening to customer needs, the staff proposes the precision instrument Bocchi more adequate and provides all information required for the proper and optimum use of the equipment.
For anyone who needs an approach to metrology is planned over a metrology specific, taught by experienced teachers.
Knowing the precision of an instrument allows no doubt to have the wrist about the quality of production.
Bocchi S.r.l. offers everything necessary for the control and regulation of instruments, and to carry out measurements, controls and revisions on industrial products and materials.
Attention to technological progress is reflected in the continuous updating of the catalog with cutting-edge and high-tech products.