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Control Rulers And Squares

Righe di controllo e squadre per controllo industriale
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Control lines and squares are essential tools for controlling flatness, parallelism, straightness and perpendicularity.

Control lines

The control lines are used for the verification and flatness control. In non-deformable steel, they can be simple or graduated. The metallic graduated lines can be flexible, semi-rigid, with or without chamfer.

Common "usage", the staffs are used as technical drawing tools but also for the relief. ruler is an indispensable tool for geometric designIn the industrial sector, the lines can offer an accuracy greater than one millimeter. On request, Bocchi produces graduated lines with personalized graduation.

The Bocchi srl lines are reliable in terms of size, are made of resistant and durable materials and have excellent support stability. The diameter meter for the high precision round body, with double scale to detect diameter and circumference, also belongs to the category.

Precision teams

Precision squares are control tools used in industries to quickly examine surface straightness and plan perpendicularity. They are used for the control of plants and workstations with an accuracy ranging from one-tenth to one-hundredth of a millimeter.

Rows and teams are also used as control tools to calibrate other devices, either manual or electronic, so it is essential to buy quality tools and with guaranteed ratings as the lines and teams Bocchi.