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Spirit Levels

Spirit Levels
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The levels  are essential measuring instruments in all those circumstances in which street is no need to calculate the slope of a surface with respect to a reference horizon.

Levels and squares  are tools used mainly in carpentry to define the correspondence to coplanarity and perpendicularity parameters.

Levels: types

The levels  can take advantage of two different principles for detecting the coplanarity: the ether alcohol or physical properties, or a laser beam at high intensity. In the first case we speak of levels  to bubble or levels  manuals, and the measurement is based on the displacement of a bubble within an ampoule, tied to the inclination of the examined surface.

In the second case we speak of levels  laser or levels  digital, these allow to evaluate the correspondence of points on a same plane.

The Bocchi srl produces and provides  levels  for professional reliefs, such as the  linear level of precision  or electronic levels  for the detection of corners, are characterized by high reliability. These levels  can be purchased with the optional software for Windows that allows you to store the documentation of the measured objects.

The square level  in cast iron, non-deformable thanks to maturing, allows control the straightness of the machine tool guides and other mechanical construction for which is required the perfect horizontality and verticality of the mechanical reflows.

The Bocchi production includes precision levels  made according to industry standards, which guarantee adherence to parameters with well-defined tolerance margins.