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Posted on4 Years ago

The micrometer is a tool that allows you to measure small measurements with micrometric precision. It has a greater sensitivity than the caliber, because it reaches the hundredths of a millimeter (the millionth part of the meter).

With the micrometer it is possible to carry out internal, external and depth measurements. For each, you need to
have a special tool, you therefore have:

    ●  outside micrometer  (to detect the external dimensions of an object)
    ●  inside micrometer (to detect the internal measurements of an object)
    ●  micrometer depth

Each instrument has a reduced range of measurement, and then usually buy one or more micrometers as needed.

Outdoor micrometer: how it works

Micrometer:  how to use it The micrometer is constituted by a fixed part, the anvil, and a movable part, the movable rod.

The mobile rod slides through the rotation of the graduated drum operated by a clutch. The measurement is obtained by adding the values ​​measured by a millimeter scale engraved on the compass (the rod) and those measured by a fractional scale engraved on the drum.

To obtain the measurement, the object is interposed between the anvil and the mobile rod and the clutch is rotated until it closes. The lock is activated to maintain the position and the measurements are taken.

How to read a micrometer

The  reading of the micrometer  requires the sum of the value indicated on the compass with that indicated on the drum. On the basis of the interval of measures detectable by micrometer, can be read on the compass the millimeter value (upper notches) and also the means millimeter (lower notches on the same scale). On the other hand, the centesimal part can be obtained from the drum.

To correct measurements, it is always important to carry out, before proceeding to the measurement, the calibration of the micrometerFurthermore, it is always a good practice to repeat the measurements several times.

The digital micrometer allows to have an immediate and precise reading, which greatly simplifies the relief operations of the measures.

Bocchi srl  produces highly reliable professional micrometers for measuring measurements.

To request more information, contact + 39-030-737252.

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