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Posted on4 Years ago

Square and compass  are two tools used since ancient times for measuring and technical drawing.

Square and compass: the technical drawing

The first drawings with the compass are due to the Greeks. Composed of two rods of equal length, at the ends of which there are respectively a fixing system (needle) and a writing system (mine, nib, chalk etc.), this tool allows you to draw curved lines.

Among the compasses  Professional include the compasses for drawing, the compasses  Precision (or compasses plotters precision) and compasses for relief measures (compasses caliber and thickness).

Not only design: industrial compasses

In industry and in the carpentry are widely used compasses of different types, it is adopted for tracking profiles for both the relief measures.

The compasses plotters precision, for example, are used in the preliminary stage of production and to draw trace contours on the surfaces to be machined. Their reliability is essential to obtain uniform production that meets the standards defined by the prototype.

There are several types whose precision ranges from one tenth to one hundredth of a   millimeter. The  compasses  precision are provided with millimeter scale, micrometer screw and two slides with tips made of suitable material to the surface to be tracked.

Even compasses, like all the professional measuring instruments, must undergo periodic testing and calibration.

Bocchi srl  offers a vast selection of compasses markers and  compass  gauge, different factors such as size, hardness of the tip and precision.

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