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How to use the caliper?

Posted on4 Years ago

The  gauges  are instruments used for measuring millimeter lengths. Mechanical and automotive industry, carpentry and engineering are the sectors in which is widely used on  professional caliber . But  how do you use the caliber ?

How to use the caliper

The caliber is an instrument used to measure the thickness, the width, the distance between two opposite and symmetrical elements or the depth of a groove or a hole with a millimeter precision ranging from one tenth to one fiftieth of a millimeter, up to a hundredth of a millimeter.

The gauges  are provided with a fixed main body, or ruler, and a slider, or a vernier. A scale in millimeters is engraved on the caliber body, while a second scale, in fractions of a millimeter, is engraved on the vernier for precision reading.

The vernier can be divided into 50 parts, 20 parts or 10 parts, according to the degree of precision needed to obtain the measurement.

How do you read the gauge?

Understanding how to read a gauge  is quite simple. After tightening the two beaks of the caliber around the object to be measured, the vernier is blocked and two measurements are taken: the first on the rule, the second on the vernier.

The reference for the first measurement is the vernier zero: the value on the ruler to the left of the vernier zero is the measurement in millimeters.

For the second measure one must search, among the notches engraved on the vernier, the one that most aligns with one of the notches engraved on the ruler. Once the notch is identified, the number of notches on the vernier is counted. Based on the fraction of the twentieth or fiftieth vernier, the resolution will be 0.05 or 0.02 mm for each notch.

The exact measurement consists of the value measured on the fixed scale plus the value detected by the vernier reading.

The gauges digital are simple and more intuitive to use. Each digital gauge Bocchi  has a display that shows the measured values engono. Furthermore, parameters can be set and modified and operations can be automated.

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