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How does the altimeter work?

Posted on4 Years ago

The altimeters are measuring instruments of heights. Among the professional altimeters, the most widely used is the surface gauge, very similar to the caliber but adapted to the height detection. How does the altimeter work?

How does the altimeter work?

Precision altimeters and digital altimeters are essential tools when you must take the measurements in the vertical plane.

The truschino can be vernier or digital. The first is composed of a graduated rod equipped with a slide, fixed orthogonally with respect to the support surface on a rigid and heavy base. The rod can have a height between 200 and 1000 mm.

The cursor is equipped with a point that serves as a stop for the dimensions to be measured. A screw system allows you to lock the vernier in the necessary position. On the rod is engraved the main scale in millimeters (or inches) and on the vernier the fractions, which can be twentieth or fiftieth, according to the model.

The Bocchi monobloc slide gauge has an accuracy of 0.02 mm and is sold in heights between 300 and 1000 mm and has a screw locking system with micrometric feed, which makes it an extremely high precision instrument. The clock truschino is equipped with movement on the rack and can be reset at any point.

For precise measurements, a reference plane (the one on which the object is placed) must be clear and clean. After placing the object to be measured on the plane, bring the tip slightly above the height and adjust it so that it touches the end of the object. At this point the measurements reported by rod and vernier are added.

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