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Posted on4 Years ago

The metrology  is a discipline that is responsible to establish precise parameters and universally shared for  easurement of physical quantities.

To ensure maximum compliance of the instruments used to measure the ideal canons established internationally with the conventions (ideal meter, ideal kilogram etc.), there are specific control and regulation institutes. In Italy, this task is delegated to the National Metrological Research Institute.

Metrology: a long history

The need to establish certain parameters and valid instruments for surveying already arises in very ancient times, when the expansion of empires made it necessary to adopt coded measurement systems. The  Metrology old is a fascinating world of insights and tools for surveying curious and unusual.

Here then is that in ancient Egypt the cubit, that is the distance between the elbow and the hand (of the pharaoh), is found as the reference for linear measurements, while the Greeks used the step and the Romans the foot. The adoption of different systems and measuring instruments  involved, however, considerable trade difficulties.

Only with the decimal metric system, developed in France at the end of the eighteenth century, has it been possible to create a univocal measurement system. Adopted in France in 1795 and in Italy in 1861, the decimal metric system today represents the most widespread system of units of measurement.

The measurements are essential for industrial production of various types and levels (industrial metrology), they need to properly calibrated instruments, ie they are compared with valid standards globally.

Bocchi srl  deals with metrology and provides measurement instruments and calibration service for industrial metrology.

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